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Dynamic Taekwondo for kids and adults

Combat Hapkido
Realistic street self defense principles for today''s adults

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The Ultimate Aerobic Self Defense Workout!
Private conditioning and weight control sessions

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Lil Dragons

A unique martial arts program geared towards 5,6 and 7 year olds,
teaching life skills and coordination

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"More Than Just  Another Martial Art!"

Master Fry Defense Systems  has been offering professional martial arts training to the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area for almost  three decades. All levels of martial arts from basic self-defense to advanced hand-to hand combat techniques are taught by certified instructors. For those interested in cardio conditioning, we offer a full schedule of kickboxing classes, all taught by certified instructors skilled in proper defensive and fitness techniques. Personal training and private instruction is available as well.

Children and Adults receive the benefit of Senior Master Fry's many years of training and experience. He is a 7th Degree Black Belt  with over 30 years of dedication to teaching children and adults at all levels. Check out the
Our Instructors page to learn about our experienced and professional staff.

Discipline and Self-confidence for Children and Adults

A benefit of training is improved self-confidence. Anyone can participate in Taekwondo – all at various levels of proficiency– and everyone can progress and feel a sense of accomplishment. This allows the student to gain confidence in his or her own abilities while learning to deal effectively with peers.


Women in Martial Arts

The number of women in Taekwondo has more than tripled in recent years, and today represents more than 30% of all practicing students. Much of this interest can be attributed to the nature of Taekwondo technique which can be readily adapted to a woman''s physical structure.


Who Can Benefit from Taekwondo?

You can! Taekwondo offers a "learning style" athletic activity that develops a combination of balance, coordination, and flexibility while instilling a sense of self-discipline that can carry into all aspects of life.

Instruction is beneficial to children as young as 5-years old, Pre-teens and Teenagers, Adults of all ages, and Seniors. Remember ... students progress at their own rate. One need not be an "athlete" to participate in the benefits of our Taekwondo, Hapkido or Kickboxing programs.

Beginners are enrolling every day, so whether you are a beginner in martial arts or are seeking to improve you current skills, you can find the training that you want at Master Fry Defense Systems.